Schools as Learning Communities: Issues About Change, Volume 4, Number 1

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Authors: Victoria Boyd, Shirley M. Hord

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• Published: 1994    • 8 pages   

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Describes how four principals transformed an urban elementary school in New Orleans into a learning community, with the help of parents, students, and faculty. It's the story of the school's re-creation and the challenges encountered during the process.

This paper discusses the four principals' contributions to the success of John Dibert Elementary School, based on their educational philosophies, goals, and strategies:

  • Approach to teaching
  • Faculty training and improvement
  • Communication and decision-making
  • Parent involvement
  • Empowerment of staff, parents, and students
  • Administrative procedures
  • Curriculum and report card redesign

This publication is one of a series of briefing papers called Issues About Change.

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