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SEDL Insights, Vol. 2, No. 1: Building Supportive Relationships in Afterschool (2014)

Afterschool programs can help students develop knowledge to enhance academic success while also providing them with opportunities to develop social and problem-solving skills. In our work with afterschool programs, we have seen that positive relationships with school-day personnel, families, community members, and between and among program staff and students help these programs thrive. This issue of SEDL Insights explores how afterschool practitioners can build strong relationships that benefit all stakeholders.

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A Practitioner's Guide: Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs (2009)
A Practitioner's Guide: Building and Managing Quality Afterschool Programs is designed to share with you the practices that can help you cover it all—great programming, terrific staff, positive relationships, and plenty of resources to lead and sustain successful afterschool programs.
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Afterschool Training Toolkit Videos: Promising Practices in Afterschool (2008)
These 25 short videos are based on visits to afterschool programs across the country identified through a rigorous process based on data suggesting their afterschool academic practices are positively impacting student learning. The videos provide real-life examples of successful afterschool instruction, and they support the goals of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers by illustrating fun and engaging ways to embed academics in afterschool.
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Afterschool Training Toolkit: Building Quality Enrichment Activities (2008)
This online toolkit provides resources for developing fun, innovative, and academically enriching activities for afterschool and expanded learning programs. The toolkit includes promising practices and sample lessons in the arts, literacy, math, science, technology, and homework help.
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What Works? Common Practices in High Functioning Afterschool Programs: The National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning Final Report (2008)
In an effort to identify and incorporate quality practices into existing and future afterschool programs, the U.S. Department of Education commissioned the National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning (National Partnership) to study high functioning 21st Century Community Learning Center programs. The purpose of this study was to document practices to be used to develop resources and professional development that address issues relating to the establishment and sustainability of afterschool programs, to provide models and indicators of promising practices, and to highlight other descriptive information that local sites can access in planning new afterschool programs or improve existing ones.