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Annual Reports

Each year, SEDL's annual report provided clients, partners, and customers an overview of SEDL's research, development, and dissemination activities. It also summarized SEDL's strategic alliances and financial resources for the fiscal year.

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report
Evidence to Practice

Our 2013 annual report features SEDL managers sharing their perspectives on how we help education leaders, teachers, policy makers, and others use the best available research to inform their work. Highlights include the innovative research alliances that are guiding the work of the Regional Educational Laboratories, the regional concerns addressed by the Southeast and Texas Comprehensive Centers, and the Center for High-Performing Schools’ research-based strategies to support improved reading outcomes for students in New Mexico.

Download SEDL's 2013 Annual Report (PDF 1.2 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report
Open the Possibilities

Highlights of our 2012 annual report include accomplishments of our Center for High-Performing Schools, the work of our Southeast and Texas Comprehensive Centers, news on SEDL's Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, and an update on our Louisiana Striving Readers Research Study.

Download SEDL's 2012 Annual Report (PDF 4 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report
Getting the Edge

In 2011, SEDL worked to give its clients the edge. Read about the efforts of our comprehensive centers in building the capacity of state education agencies in Texas and the Southeast, our work with districts and schools to improve teaching and learning, our evaluation work to improve afterschool programs, and other accomplishments.

Download SEDL's 2011 Annual Report (PDF 4.1 MB) | View online

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report
Roadmaps to Results

Highlights in our 2010 annual report include a research study that uses an innovative approach, the regional work of our Southeast and Texas Comprehensive Centers, our work with a Texas school district to implement Response to Intervention, and a national project to improve employment supports for people with autism spectrum disorders.

Download SEDL's 2010 Annual Report (PDF 2.3 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2009 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report
Solving Problems, Changing Lives

Our 2009 annual report shares our highlights for the year. Learn more about the research studies we are conducting, our training for disability researchers, and the professional development we provided to help teachers improve classroom instruction in South Carolina schools.

Download SEDL's 2009 Annual Report (PDF 1.9 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2008 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report
Innovative Strategies, Winning Results

Accomplishments in our 2008 annual report include guiding teachers in rural New Mexico in integrating technology into instruction, providing professional development resources for afterschool leaders and instructors, and helping education leaders find effective ways to implement Response to Intervention.

Download SEDL's 2008 Annual Report (PDF 1.33 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2007 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report
Teach. Discover. Solve. Engage. Learn.

2007 was a memorable year for SEDL. Read about our work in the Recovery School District in New Orleans, about how we train early-career researchers, about our work to change schools in Texas, and much more in SEDL's 2007 annual report.

Download SEDL's 2007 Annual Report (PDF 1.86 MB)


Image of the cover of SEDL's 2006 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report
Forty Years of Quality Education for all Learners

As SEDL celebrated its 40th anniversary, it paid tribute to its heritage and began moving in new directions. SEDL's accomplishments in 2006 show creativity, resilience, and results—the touchstones of a vital organization.

Download SEDL's 2006 Annual Report (PDF 4.28 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2005 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report
Building Foundations for Student Success

This report recounts our accomplishments of 2005, which reflect our history and experience as they position us to embrace the challenges and opportunities of new scopes of work in 2006.

Download SEDL's 2005 Annual Report (PDF 2.55 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2004 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report
The Three Rs: Relationships, Research, Results

This report highlights SEDL's effort to ensure a quality education for all learners. SEDL conducts or finds the best research and develops relationships with federal, regional, state, and local entities to apply this research or interprets research results in ways that lead to better teaching, increased learning, and improved student performance.

Download SEDL's 2004 Annual Report (PDF 2.55 MB)

Image of the cover of SEDL's 2003 Annual Report

2003 Annual Report
Building Knowledge, Finding Solutions

The theme of this year's report, Building Knowledge, Finding Solutions, reflects SEDL's commitment to conduct research, development, and dissemination activities that result in solutions to complex education problems.

Download SEDL's 2003 Annual Report (PDF 2.96 MB)