Afterschool Training Toolkit Videos: Promising Practices in Afterschool

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Authors: WGBH Educational Foundation, National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning

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• Published: 2008    • Runtime: 160 minutes   

These 25 short videos are based on visits to afterschool programs across the country identified through a rigorous process based on data suggesting their afterschool academic practices are positively impacting student learning. The videos provide real-life examples of successful afterschool instruction, and they support the goals of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers by illustrating fun and engaging ways to embed academics in afterschool. The videos are part of a set of resources called the Afterschool Training Toolkit, which can be accessed for free at .

You may access a video viewing guide online. The viewing guide is designed to help both trainers and individuals learn how to implement these practices. It offers a suggested workshop discussion guide, and has specific activities to do before, during, and after watching the videos.

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