SEDL's Free Guides and Toolkits for Family and Community Involvement in Student Learning

Family and Community Involvement in Student Learning

Guides and Toolkits

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Working Systemically in Action: Engaging Family & Community (2010)
Many educators recognize the importance of family and community involvement in school improvement efforts and are seeking to reframe the way they engage these groups. This publication, which supplements Working Systemically in Action: A Facilitator’s Guide (No longer available, as the publication has been replaced by the book, Getting Serious About the System), provides practical guidance for educators who are seeking to engage family and community members in systemic school improvement efforts.
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A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement (2009)
Designed for educators who are implementing Title I, Part A parental involvement provisions, this toolkit includes detailed explanations of the provisions and 33 tools to help states, districts, and schools meet the requirements.
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Beyond the Building: A Facilitation Guide for School, Family, and Community Connections (2006)
This multimedia toolkit will help educators and community organizers understand and learn how to facilitate family and community involvement.
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Building Support for Better Schools: Seven Steps to Engaging Hard-to-Reach Communities (2000)
This practical guide is designed for educators, civic leaders, community organizers or anyone else interested in involving traditionally hard-to-reach communities.
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Creating Collaborative Action Teams: Working Together for Student Success (2000)
This multi-media kit is a set of concepts, activities, and resources that individuals, school districts and other organizations can use to develop a partnership between home, school, community, and students at the local level.
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Family and Community Involvement: Reaching Out to Diverse Populations (2000)
This book is geared toward teachers, principals, and superintendents who want to develop meaningful parent and community involvement in culturally and linguistically diverse communities.