Working Systemically in Action: Engaging Family & Community

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Authors: Chris Ferguson, Catherine Jordan, Marion Baldwin, D'Ette Cowan (contributor), K. Victoria Dimock (contributor), Stacey Joyner (contributor), Shirley Beckwith (contributor), Lacy Wood (contributor), Zena Rudo (contributor)

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• Published: 2010    • 123 pages   

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Many educators recognize the importance of family and community involvement in school improvement efforts and are seeking to reframe the way they engage these groups. This publication, which supplements Working Systemically in Action: A Facilitator’s Guide (No longer available, as the publication has been replaced by the book, Getting Serious About the System), provides practical guidance for educators who are seeking to engage family and community members in systemic school improvement efforts.

SEDL’s Working Systemically approach is a process for school improvement—and, ultimately, increased student achievement—that focuses on key components and competencies at all levels of the local educational system. Working Systemically in Action: Engaging Family & Community provides

  • best practices,
  • an overview of the Working Systemically approach to school improvement,
  • actions and tools for involving families and community in all phases of the Working Systemically process,
  • examples of how to incorporate family and community engagement into a systemic approach, and
  • research on family and community engagement.

This guide is written for educators, but anyone who supports effective family and community engagement will find it useful.

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