A Manual for Assessing Open-Ended Statements of Concern about an Innovation

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Authors: Beulah W. Newlove, Gene E. Hall

Product ID: CBAM-01 Price: Available free online
• Published: 1976    • 53 pages   

You can download a PDF copy from eric.ed.gov.

When a new program is implemented at a school, teachers often respond by expressing their concerns about the change. With a command of the Stages of Concern (SoC) About the Innovation, part of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model, or the CBAM, you can anticipate and resolve the personal concerns that teachers often voice in this situation.

This manual equips you with procedures for analyzing and understanding teachers' concerns when presented as open-ended statements. This useful manual describes:

  • How to use the CBAM to predict teacher behavior
  • How to identify and analyze teachers' concerns
  • What framework to use when attending to teachers' concerns
  • A sample of data collection forms
  • Several illustrations and scored examples of the various Stages of Concern 

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