Measuring Implementation in Schools: The Stages of Concern Questionnaire

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Authors: Archie A. George, Gene E. Hall, Suzanne M. Stiegelbauer, Shaila Abdullah (designer)

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• Published: 2006    • 98 pages   

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Since its development in the 1970s, researchers, evaluators, and change facilitators have been using the Stages of Concern (SoC) Questionnaire to assess teacher concerns about new programs and practices.

This update of the 1978 SoC manual explains how to use and score the SoC Questionnaire (SOCQ form 075). New to this edition is a set of files that includes a MS Word version of the questionnaire and scoring sheets, as well as a scoring program in Excel and SAS formats. These files can be downloaded after purchase by following directions included inside the cover of the manual.

Note to Macintosh users: The macros in the Excel workbook that are included with this product do not work in the Mac version of Office 2008 because Microsoft removed support for visual basic macros starting in that version of Excel for the Mac. The macros do work in Office 2011.

Click here to view a video about the Stages of Concern.

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