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Table of Contents
Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: The Five Senses
Lesson 2: Sight
Lesson 3: Hearing
-Sound is Vibration
-Talking Tubes
-Objects Vibrate
-Favorite and Alarming Sounds
Lesson 4: Touch
Lesson 5: Smell
Lesson 6: Taste
Lesson 7: Altogether, Now
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The Five Senses - Lesson 3: Hearing

Activity - Objects Vibrate

Students can say that sound is produced when objects vibrate.

Tuning fork; pan with water; cereal flakes; rubber band; drum; radio; paper towels


  1. Strike a turning fork and dip it in water.
  2. Sprinkle cereal flakes on a drum, then tap the top of the drum.
  3. Stretch a rubber band between two fingers and pluck it; stretch the elastic farther and pluck it again.
  4. Put your hand on the top of a playing radio. Describe sounds and changes of sounds of different objects.
  5. Put your fingers on the front of your throat, very close to your "voice box." Be careful that you don't press hard enough to hurt yourself. Make a noise. Describe what you felt in your throat as the noise was coming out.
  • What did you feel when you touched the turning fork after you hit it?
  • What did the rubber band do when you plucked it? What did it do when you stretched it farther and then plucked it?
  • What was each one of these objects doing as it was making a sound, including your throat?

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