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Lesson 1: The Five Senses
Lesson 2: Sight
Lesson 3: Hearing
-Sound is Vibration
-Talking Tubes
-Objects Vibrate
-Favorite and Alarming Sounds
Lesson 4: Touch
Lesson 5: Smell
Lesson 6: Taste
Lesson 7: Altogether, Now
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The Five Senses - Lesson 3: Hearing

Activity - Talking Tubes

Student can say that sound travels.

Paper-towel tubes; a ticking clock or timer; plastic tubing six feet to eight feet in length (available at hardware or pet stores); two funnels; masking tape


  1. Place a ticking clock or timer on one end of a wooden table. Place one opening of a cardboard tube on the other end of the table. The students take turns holding an ear to the other end of the tube to hear the ticking coming through the tube.
  2. Attach a funnel to each end of the plastic tubing, using masking tape. Partners stand six to eight feet apart while one whispers a message to her/his partner too quietly for the partner to hear. The first child then whispers the message into one of the funnels while the second child listens through the other. The partners take turns listening and whispering.

Getting the Idea
Explain to students that the ear is something like a tube with a funnel. Sound comes in through the outer part of the ear - which is like the funnel - and travels through a tube called the auditory canal.

Ask the students to list every object that was vibrating to make the sound heard. (The clock, when it ticked, vibrated, and because it was sitting on the table made the wood vibrate; the sound traveled through the wood and through the air in the cardboard tube to the person's ear.) When the students whispered without the aid of the funnel, the sound was not loud enough to be heard from that distance, but it did cause vibrations, otherwise you could not have heard whispering. The sound waves also traveled through the air and though the funnel.

After this activity, the teacher gives the rest of the explanation of the way the ear functions in hearing.

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