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Table of Contents
Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: The Five Senses
Lesson 2: Sight
Lesson 3: Hearing
Lesson 4: Touch
Lesson 5: Smell
Lesson 6: Taste
Lesson 7: Altogether, Now
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The Five Senses - Objective Grid

Objectives Lesson #
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Mathematics Objectives
1. summarize data on a graph
o o o o o
2. classify or sort objects by shape, size, sound, and/or color
o o o o o
3. duplicate patterns


4. order objects by size
o o o o o
5. create, describe and count the objects in sets and subsets

6. determine quantity in sets and subsets up to five and two fives as 10, etc. o o o o o o o
7. estimate number of objects students can see, feel in given sets

8. explore idea of size in relation to distance o

Science Objectives
1. name the five senses o

2. use the five senses to discover properties of objects in the environment o o o o o o o
3. name a body part used for each sense
o o o o o
4. compare objects using only one sense

o o o o o
5. classify objects using only one sense

o o o o o
6. become aware of various physical impairments

o o o o o
7. describe how the five senses work together

8. describe ways to show proper car of eyes, ears, skin and nose
o o o o o
9. practice safety procedures relevant to the five senses
o o o o o
10. describe how each sense works
o o o o o o

Language Objectives
1. create a class Big Book on the five senses

2. provide and use relevant theme vocabulary where appropriate o o o o o o o
3. use relations such as top, bottom, direction, space and location (above/below, front/back, near/far) to describe o o o o o o o
4. listen to taped sounds and stories
o o

5. match written text with illustrations of each of the five senses
o o o o o o
6. develop predictable language/pattern reading
o o o o o o
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