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Reading Assessment Database - Search Tips


Searching by keyword in the
"name contains" box

You can search for a specific title in the database by typing a keyword from the title into the "name contains" box on the search page. If, for example, you were looking for information about the "Yopp-Singer Test of Phoneme Segmentation", you would only have to type the word "Yopp" in the box labeled "name contains". You don't need to type out the whole name -- just a keyword that you know is in the title. Also, the search is not case-sensitive (meaning you don't have to capitalize words).


Searching by keyword in the "subtests contains" box

Likewise, you can search the database for specific keywords in the subtests of the assessment tools by typing a search term in the "Subtest contains" box. So, if for example, you were looking for an assessment tool that contained a subtest for phonemic awareness, you could type "phonemic awareness" in the "Subtest contains" box, and the inventory would provide you with summaries of any assessment tool that has a "phonemic awareness" subtest.

It should be noted, however, that the labels used should be as general as possible, and the keywords do not need to be complete words. If you were looking for phonemic awareness in the subtests, your search would be more exhaustive if you only typed in the keyword "phon". This search would include assessment tools with subtests like "phoneme awareness," "phonemic knowledge," "phoneme blending," etc...

Below is a short list of some search terms that are definitely in the database. This list is not at all exhaustive, but it is a good starting point. Variations on these search terms will help you to narrow down your search of the Reading Assessment Database for Grades PreK-3.

Archived Resource

The resources listed on this website are from a past project. The Reading Assessment Database and external links have not been updated since 2009.

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