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Reaching Our Reading Goals
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Putting Reading First
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Short Papers - Topics in Early Reading Coherence

image of publication cover Secondary Content-Area Literacy: Time for Crisis or Opportunity for Reform?: Texas Comprehensive Center Briefing Paper, Number 12 (2012)
This brief examines the critical need to implement instruction at the secondary level around adolescent, or content-area, literacy. The challenge is to connect the teaching of literacy to the rest of the secondary education improvement agenda.

image of publication cover Southeast Comprehensive Center eBulletin, Volume 5, Number 1: Strengthening Literacy Programs and Instruction (2010)
This issue of the Southeast Comprehensive Center eBulletin focuses on literacy, specifically on how states can strengthen their literacy programs or plans and provide effective professional development and technical assistance for high-need districts in their efforts to implement quality literacy instruction.

image of publication cover Southeast Comprehensive Center eBulletin, Volume 2, Number 1: Teaching Academic English to Ensure the Success of English Language Learners (2007)
This issue of eBulletin, published quarterly, focuses on strategies for helping English language learners (ELLs) develop academic English.

Methods of Assessing Cognitive Aspects of Early Reading Development (2002)
It is important that children's early reading abilities be assessed frequently, and that assessment information should be used to inform and modify the instruction that each child receives. This article was written to help teachers better understand what needs to be tested and how to go about testing the essential areas that are so important to reading development.

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