A New Identity for SEDL

Published in SEDL Letter Volume XIX, Number 2, October 2007, Reading: Practices to Help Improve Instruction

We’re the Same, but Different

SEDL inside building

Beginning November 1, 2007, the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory will officially change its name to SEDL. Our partners, clients, and colleagues have always known us as “SEDL,” and for decades our logo has prominently included the acronym. We decided it was time to draw on the solid reputation of SEDL and, because our work is nationwide in scope, move away from the regional connotation of the name “Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.”

Outside of SEDL

New Location

In November 2007, SEDL will move its headquarters to a new facility located in the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport redevelopment zone, a mixed-use urban community known as “Mueller.” At Mueller we will be part of a community that includes Dell Children’s Medical Center, a University of Texas medical research facility, retail businesses, and homes. Our new building will be a center for inquiry and demonstration. Check our Web site at www.sedl.org for details regarding a dedication ceremony in January 2008.


New Logo and Tagline Honor the Past, Look to the Future

To celebrate our official renaming, we have chosen a new logo and tagline.

The blocks of the new logo provide a contemporary, dynamic spin on the old logo, reflecting movement and progress.

The colors are a mix of the traditional blue with a modern green. Together they convey the energy, creativity, and vibrancy of our staff and organization.

The logo uses a classic serif font paired with a sturdy sans serif tagline that expresses the rigor and solidity of our work.

The tagline Advancing Research, Improving Education reflects our decades-long commitment to fostering the use and development of research-based practices, resources, products, and services as well as conducting research with our end goal in mind: a quality education for all learners.

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