SEDL Staff Member Published in New Book for Teachers

Published in SEDL Letter Volume XIX, Number 2, October 2007, Reading: Practices to Help Improve Instruction

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

“Building Meaningful Relationships: Caring and Respect,” written by SEDL program associate Chris Ferguson, has been included in a new monograph titled Promising Practices for Teachers to Engage with Families of English Language Learners and edited by Dianne B. Hiatt-Michael of Pepperdine University. Full of practical information, the book is targeted to preservice and novice teachers who are searching for ways to connect with families from diverse cultures and varying proficiency levels in English.

Besides Ferguson’s chapter, others include “Making Your Classroom Parent-Friendly to Families of English Language Learners,” “Engaging Parents as Leaders in Schools with ELLs,” and “Reaching Out from the Classroom to the Families.” For ordering information, visit

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