Learning Languages Other Than English: A Texas Adventure (5-part video series)

This five-part video series was produced in response to teachers' requests for examples of what TEKS for LOTE implementation actually looks like. The videos are centered around scenes from LOTE classrooms across Texas and include interviews with students, teachers, parents, and administrators. The first episode provides an overview of the state standards and the guiding principles they reflect. Each remaining episode then focuses on the interrelationship of the Program Goal of Communication and one of the other goals: Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, or Communities.

The companion video study guide offers suggestions for how to use the videos in a variety of professional development contexts. It contains background information on the changes brought about in LOTE instruction as the TEKS for LOTE are implemented and individual workshop units focusing on the program goals highlighted in each video. Resources include worksheet masters, suggested activities, workshop facilitation tips, and supplemental reading lists for participants.