Overview of the TEKS for LOTE

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English (TEKS for LOTE) are content and performance standards for Texas foreign language students. The TEKS for LOTE were developed in consultation with LOTE educators from around the state and national experts in the field. They were adopted by the Texas State Board of Education in April 1997, clarifying performance expectations for students and serving as the basis for textbook adoptions and state tests, where appropriate.

Eight Guiding Principles form the foundational basis of the standards, which are then organized around five interrelated Program Goals, referred to collectively as "The Five Cs": Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. The TEKS for LOTE are designed to provide high and challenging expectations for all students in sequential elementary, middle, high school programs. Explore the links to the left for more information about the standards, how they were developed, and their implementation.