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Lesson 1: The Five Senses
Lesson 2: Sight
Lesson 3: Hearing
Lesson 4: Touch
Lesson 5: Smell
Lesson 6: Taste
-Taste Areas
Lesson 7: Altogether, Now
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The Five Senses - Lesson 5: Smell

ACTIVITY: Taste Areas

The students say that they taste different flavors on different parts of the tongue.

Variety of food samples; water; paper cups (one for each type of food); chart paper; box of toothpicks; markers; blindfold

diagram of tongue showing taste regions Procedures
Students work in pairs.

  1. One partner wears a blindfold.
  2. Using a toothpick, place a small amount of one type of food on the region of the tongue identified as "1" in the illustration. The blindfolded student judges the taste with the mouth still open so the food sample is not spread to other regions of the tongue.
  3. Record the judgment each time. Rinse the mouth with water between tastes.
  4. After placing the first food type on all four regions of the tongue and recording the student's responses, taste the next food.
  5. The partner performs the test.
  6. Students draw and write about the flavors the tongue tastes.

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