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Lesson 1: The Five Senses
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-Colorful Eyes
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Lesson 5: Smell
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Lesson 7: Altogether, Now
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The Five Senses - Lesson 2: Sight

ACTIVITY: Colorful Eyes

Students investigate eye color found most frequently among the boys and girls in the classroom.

Prediction graph; eye marker for prediction graph; eye color graph; eye markers for eye color graph; glue stick; small mirror; model of the eye


  1. Students predict which eye color they think will be found most often in the classroom by placing an eye marker on the prediction graph under the eye that is colored the color that they think will be found most often.
  2. Students take turns looking into the small mirror to determine their eye color.
  3. Students place an eye marker with their name on it onto the eye color graph under the color of their own eyes.


  1. Did the color that you thought we would find most often turn out to be the one that we did?
  2. If we visited another classroom, would we find the same eye color more than any of the others? Why? Why not?
  3. Would we find the same eye color to be the most common if we had looked at the girls' eyes? Boys' eyes?

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