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Math in Afterschool: A Guide to Using the Afterschool Training Toolkit for Professional Development (2008)
The Afterschool Training Toolkit materials are designed to illustrate techniques and activities that leverage student curiosity to make mathematics in afterschool both enjoyable and relevant. This guide provides professional development ideas for each of the seven promising practices in afterschool math enrichment.
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Math in Afterschool: An Instructor's Guide to the Afterschool Training Toolkit (2008)
The seven promising practices in afterschool math identified in the Afterschool Training Toolkit are as follows: Finding Math; Math Centers; Math Games; Math Projects; Math Tools; Math Tutoring; Family Connections. When used with the Afterschool Training Toolkit, the lessons in this instructor’s guide will help you master these promising practices. Once you become proficient at these practices, you should be able to use them to develop other math lessons.
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Measuring Implementation in Schools: Innovation Configurations (2006)
This updated manual describes how to use Innovation Configuration Maps to clarify what an innovation or change looks like along a continuum from high-quality implementation to least-desired practices.
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Measuring Implementation in Schools: Levels of Use (2006)
This updated manual discusses how individuals behave and react with respect to specific change. The tool helps researchers and evaluators determine the extent to which an innovation is being implemented by distinguishing among three levels of nonuse and five levels of use.
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Measuring Implementation in Schools: The Stages of Concern Questionnaire (2006)
This updated manual explains how to use and score the Stages of Concern Questionnaire, which assesses teacher concerns about new programs and practices. The product includes a MS Word version of the questionnaire and scoring sheets, as well as a scoring program in Excel and SAS formats.
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