Math in Afterschool: An Instructor's Guide to the Afterschool Training Toolkit

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Authors: Kathleen Dempsey (contributor), Dana Frazee (contributor), Kay Frunzi (contributor), Heather Martindill (contributor), Laura Shankland, Deborah Donnelly, Catherine Jordan, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning

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• Published: 2008    • 235 pages   

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The seven promising practices in afterschool math identified in the Afterschool Training Toolkit are as follows:

  • Finding Math
  • Math Centers
  • Math Games
  • Math Projects
  • Math Tools
  • Math Tutoring
  • Family Connections

When used with the Afterschool Training Toolkit, the lessons in this instructor’s guide will help you master these promising practices. Once you become proficient at these practices, you should be able to use them to develop other math lessons.

This instructor’s guide will help you

  • understand how to use the math section of the online Afterschool Training Toolkit;
  • use math to offer fun lessons that help students learn in afterschool;
  • motivate students to participate in afterschool; and
  • use the lessons to become a more effective afterschool instructor.

Instructor's Guides are available are available for 7 subjects:
Arts | Homework | Literacy | Literacy - Read Aloud's | Math | Science | Technology

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    Dempsey, K., Frazee, D., Frunzi, K., & Martindill, H. (2008). Math in afterschool: An instructor’s guide to the Afterschool Training Toolkit. Austin, TX: SEDL.
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