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Improving School Performance

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A Teacher's Guide for Getting Serious About the System (2012)
This brief companion book to Getting Serious About the System: A Fieldbook for District and School Leaders provides teachers with background on systemic school improvement and illustrates where they and other stakeholders fit in the process of implementing solutions system-wide.
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Stages of Concern Questionnaire (SoCQ) Online (2008)
This online version of the Stages of Concern Questionnaire enables researchers and evaluators to use their computers to score questionnaires; analyze the results; and produce multiple types of reports, including individual, total-sample, and user-specified subgroup reports.
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Measuring Implementation in Schools: Innovation Configurations (2006)
This updated manual describes how to use Innovation Configuration Maps to clarify what an innovation or change looks like along a continuum from high-quality implementation to least-desired practices.
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Measuring Implementation in Schools: Levels of Use (2006)
This updated manual discusses how individuals behave and react with respect to specific change. The tool helps researchers and evaluators determine the extent to which an innovation is being implemented by distinguishing among three levels of nonuse and five levels of use.
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Measuring Implementation in Schools: The Stages of Concern Questionnaire (2006)
This updated manual explains how to use and score the Stages of Concern Questionnaire, which assesses teacher concerns about new programs and practices. The product includes a MS Word version of the questionnaire and scoring sheets, as well as a scoring program in Excel and SAS formats.
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Taking Charge of Change (2006; 2nd printing, with minor additions and corrections, 2008; revised version uploaded on, 2014.)
This easy-to-read introduction to the Concerns-Based Adoption Model is a cornerstone in the school-change literature. The book provides concepts, tools, and techniques that educators can use to facilitate school change and improvement programs.
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Getting Serious About the System: A Fieldbook for District and School Leaders (2012)
This fieldbook shows how to avoid a haphazard approach to school improvement by focusing on all aspects of the system and on specific issues that have the most impact upon student achievement. This multidimensional process also entails increasing the competencies of everyone involved and implementing solutions districtwide.
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Reclaiming Our Teaching Profession (2011)
This book shows educators how to use the transformative power of professional learning in community to raise the professional stature of educators. The authors provide clear steps and real-school examples with a focus on collaborative adult learning for student gains, community respect, professional satisfaction, and collegial support. This resource will help educators move from a climate of sanctions to one of mutual trust and support informed by a commitment to students and a dedication to working and learning together.
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Change Facilitator Stages of Concern Questionnaire (CFSoCQ) Online (2009)
This product is an online version of the Change Facilitator Stages of Concern Questionnaire that can be completed online by many participants in a short amount of time. The product provides access for a "survey coordinator" to the online questionnaire as well as to a survey coordination site where the coordinator can customize the questionnaire and define subgroups to allow data for a group to be examined by subpopulations as well as by individuals and by the group as a whole.