Change Facilitator Stages of Concern Questionnaire (CFSoCQ) Online

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Authors: Gene E. Hall, Beulah W. Newlove, Archie A. George, William L. Rutherford, Shirley M. Hord, Brian Litke (programmer)

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• Published: 2009   

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Features of the CFSoCQ Online
This product is an online version of the Change Facilitator Stages of Concern Questionnaire (CFSoCQ) that can be completed online by many participants in a short amount of time. The product provides access for a "survey coordinator" to the online questionnaire as well as to a survey coordinator site where the coordinator can:

  1. set up a CFSoCQ cohort with a unique password and web site link which the survey coordinator will send to survey participants to allow them to log on and complete the questionnaire online;
  2. customize the questionnaire with the name of the innovation being asked about;
  3. define subgroups for the CFSoCQ participants (if needed) to allow the questionnaire data to be graphed and examined for each individual, the entire cohort, or by a combination of one or more subgroups; and
  4. access the survey coordination area to view automatically-generated graphs which represent the stages of concern for the participants being viewed. The data can be easily downloaded from the system in MS Excel format.

The pricing is $.50 per questionnaire completion, with a 100 questionnaire minimum order.  Therefore, if you have 100 people who you would like to complete the questionnaire, you would need to purchase a quantity of 100 (e.g. 100 questionnaire completions x $.50 = $50). If you would like the same 100 people to take the questionnaire twice during the year, to see how their concern change over time, you would need to purchase 200 questionnaires.

About the Stages of Concern Questionnaire
Since its development in the 1970s, researchers, evaluators, and change facilitators have been using the Stages of Concern Questionnaire (SoCQ) to assess teacher concerns about new programs and practices. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine what change facilitators are thinking about when using various programs or practices. It is intended to assess their levels of concerns at various times during the adoption process. You can learn more about the "Stages of Concern" by reading about Measuring Implementation in Schools: The Stages of Concern Questionnaire.

Survey Administrator
After triggering the account creation form, you will receive a userID and password allowing you, the survey administrator, to log on to the survey coordinator site. The survey coordinator should submit the SEDL Copyright Permission Request form before using the CFSoCQ with participants.