Staff Development and Change Process: Cut from the Same Cloth: Issues About Change, Volume 4, Number 2

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Author: Shirley M. Hord

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• Published: 1994    • 6 pages   

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What six success strategies can help ensure your staff development program will serve as a potent motivator of school change initiatives?

This informative document spells out the firm relationship between effective staff development and successful change programs. Written in a lively style, it reveals:

  • Why the "Three Step Fable" undermines staff development programs
  • The value of visioning
  • Why you should plan, plan, plan
  • Other nuts and bolts factors that make staff development an effective agent of change

And it is invaluable for school superintendents and principals, education service center facilitators, and professionals responsible for school staffing.

This publication is one of a series of briefing papers called Issues About Change.