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Staff Professional Development Sessions: Equity

Working with Afterschool Programs in Poverty

Schools say they hold high expectations for all students, but do they really? There are educational myths relating to poverty and a student's performance and ability. Many times these myths translate into factors that influence expectations for students. This session presents information and research about expectations and educational strategies for children in poverty. Participants interact with each other and develop ideas they can use in their afterschool programs.

Bringing Calm into the Program: Strategies for Managing Diverse Student Populations

Hard-to-reach students are not those who misbehave occasionally. They are the truly difficult students who engage in disruptive behavior often and with intensity. This session deals with techniques and strategies participants can use in their afterschool program. They will learn interventions to limit confrontation as well as steps to defuse oppositional and controlling behaviors.

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Online Training for Afterschool Staff
The Afterschool Training Toolkit is available online free of charge.

The following resources can be used with the online Afterschool Training Toolkit to give you the resources you need to build fun, innovative, and academically enriching afterschool activities.