Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Educational Reform, Coherent Teaching Practice, and Improved Student Learning

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  • Duckworth, E., & The Experienced Teachers Group. (1997). Teacher to teacher: Learning from each other. New York: Teachers College Press.

This book is the account of thirteen experienced teachers who came together with a teacher educator (Duckworth) in a year-long graduate program in which they learned from each other to become better teachers. The book is a collection of essays, discussions, and journal entries by the teachers and Duckworth that revolve around a seminar, Teaching as Collaborative Inquiry. The seminar was student-run and was intended to reflect the interests of the group. They talked about curriculum, motivation, cooperative learning, assessment, and teacher learning. They talked about their concerns and about their lives. The book gives insights into the processes involved when teachers struggle to talk together about teaching, learning, and their students. It is an honest book portraying the feelings the teachers have as they engage in this seminar, and as they learn about, from, and with each other.

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