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There are 23 publications in the SEDL Store.

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Taking Charge of Change (2006; 2nd printing, with minor additions and corrections, 2008; revised version uploaded on Lulu.com, 2014.)
This easy-to-read introduction to the Concerns-Based Adoption Model is a cornerstone in the school-change literature. The book provides concepts, tools, and techniques that educators can use to facilitate school change and improvement programs.
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Technology in Afterschool: A Guide to Using the Afterschool Training Toolkit for Professional Development (2008)
This guide focuses on using a practical staff development model for learning about the six technology practices featured in the Afterschool Training Toolkit and how they can support learning. Each technology practice is introduced with two to four activities ranging in length from 15 to 20 minutes. Activities include watching videos, planning lessons, and reading related resources.
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Technology in Afterschool: An Instructor's Guide to the Afterschool Training Toolkit (2008)
The six promising practices in afterschool technology identified in the Afterschool Training Toolkit are as follows: Developing Self-Expression and Creativity; Gathering and Sharing Information; Finding and Solving Problems; Living and Working With Technology; Learning in Virtual Spaces; Building Skills and Understanding. When used with the Afterschool Training Toolkit, the lessons in this instructor’s guide will help you master these promising practices. Once you become proficient at these practices, you should be able to use them to develop other technology lessons.
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The Problem with Math Is English (2012)

This publication illustrates how students often understand fundamental mathematical concepts at a superficial level. Written to inspire aha moments, the book enables teachers to help students identify and comprehend the nuances and true meaning of math concepts by exploring them through the lenses of language and symbolism.

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