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Designing and Implementing Teacher Evaluation Systems (2011)
Including presentations and a webinar, these materials are from a teacher evaluation systems institute at which nearly 50 state education leaders convened in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 27–28, 2011. Participants engaged in sessions led by experts in the field, learned about the progress and challenges of other states, and discussed with their colleagues the steps their respective states need to take to implement a comprehensive teacher evaluation system. They also had the opportunity to meet with nationally recognized educators and researchers—Charlotte Danielson, Laura Goe, and Lynn Holdheide—to learn about best practices and current work in the area of teacher evaluation systems.
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Developing a Collaborative Team Approach to Support Family and Community Connections With Schools: What Can School Leaders Do? (2005)
This strategy brief includes ideas for involving families actively in the decision-making and implementation efforts needed for school improvement.
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Directory of Journals and Author Guidelines in the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Field (2009)
SEDL’s National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research (NCDDR) developed this online directory, which includes more than 200 journal descriptions and author guidelines.
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Diversity: School, Family, and Community Connections (2003)
SEDL's third research synthesis in a series on family and community connections with schools focuses on race/ethnicity, culture (including language), and socioeconomic status.
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