Title III Supplemental Funds: Creative Ways to Support the Education of English Language Learners in Texas Schools: Texas Comprehensive Center Briefing Paper, Number 4

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Authors: Blanca Quiroz, Shirley Beckwith, Haidee Williams

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• Published: 2010    • 4 pages   

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Addressing the question, "What are some ways Texas school districts have implemented successful English language learners programs using Title III funds?," this report describes how two school districts in Texas supported the achievement of English language learners (ELLs) beyond classroom instruction, through ancillary education enrichment opportunities with Title III funds. These particular districts were identified as those with some of the most successful ELL programs, as determined by improvement in student achievement. (One was featured by TEA Clearinghouse, Best Practices report on April, 2010; the other district has achieved recognized status for the last two years.) One district has one of the largest ELL populations, proportionally, and the other is the third largest in Texas.