Parent and Community Involvement in a College/Career–Ready Culture: Texas Comprehensive Center Briefing Paper, Number 2

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Authors: Marion Baldwin, Shirley Beckwith, Cathie McQueeney

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• Published: 2010    • 31 pages   

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This brief addresses the questions: "What are some examples of underachieving schools that have involved parents and community partners to increase student achievement through building a focus on college and career readiness? How do they solicit community response and what contributions have parents/community members made to support a college and career readiness environment? What does the research say about this topic?"

The literature addressing how family and community involvement impacts a culture of college and career readiness suggests there is a positive association for certain types of involvement. Providing support and encouragement, as well as assisting with planning, increases the probability of attending and graduating from college.

Key Points

  • Make efforts to include families in postsecondary planning.
  • Provide information to support postsecondary planning throughout a student's education.
  • Address linguistic and cultural barriers, parental time issues, and other factors across populations that are traditionally underrepresented in institutions of higher education.