SEDL Letter Volume XXII, Number 1: Science, Technology, and Math

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Authors: Laura Shankland (editor), Cheryl Harris, Danny Martinez, Joni Wackwitz, Andy Shaner, Stephanie Shipp

• Published: 2010    • 16 pages   

Available online: Full text, PDF, ePub, Kindle

In this issue of SEDL Letter, we address challenges and solutions related to science, technology, engineering, and Math (STEM) instruction. We describe three different professional development projects, where SEDL content experts are helping teachers provide instruction in math, science, and technology—or some combination of the three—more effectively and in a more integrated way. We examine the importance of evaluation in helping educators identify and meet goals on STEM-related projects. We also review a research report on ways that instructors can engage students, especially those who are underrepresented in STEM fields.