SEDL Letter, Volume XX, Number 2 (Aug. 2008): Afterschool, Family, and Community

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Authors: Leslie Blair, Christine Moses, Jubilee Guequierre, Suzanne Hurley, Harris Cooper, PhD

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• Published: 2008    • 24 pages   

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This issue of SEDL Letter is devoted to topics centered around afterschool and family and community involvement. We focus on the research, presenting a summary of two systematic reviews—one on afterschool and one on parent involvement—and a summary of a research synthesis on afterschool programs. Because family involvement has proved so important to student outcomes, the U.S. Department of Education has ramped up its support of the Parental Information & Resource Centers (PIRCs) nationwide. In this issue, we have included an article about the PIRC program, looking at how the work and influence of the centers has changed in recent years. Two other articles in the issue feature examples of how family members and community organizations work with schools in Austin, Texas. Finally, because homework help often has a prominent role in afterschool programs and because it is often the vehicle for parent involvement, we present an article on homework. Written by national homework expert, Dr. Harris Cooper, the article discusses how homework supports student learning and recent research around homework.