Identifying Competencies and Actions of Effective Turnaround Principals: Southeast Comprehensive Center Briefing Paper, January 2013

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Authors: Glenda Copeland, Jesse Mabus, Ann Neeley, Shana Shaw, Chris Times

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• Published: 2013   

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Research over the past 30 years has found that effective principals can significantly improve various components of student achievement and learning (Steiner, E. A. Hassel, & Hassel, 2008; Marzano, Waters, & McNulty, 2005). In addition, there are few examples of improving student achievement that were not led by an effective principal (Louis, Leithwood, Wahlstrom, & Anderson, 2010). Research has also identified the need for the change to be systemic or comprehensive in the school turnaround process to ensure sustainability (Chrisman, 2005). Along with a systemic improvement process, Duke (2006), identifies 10 “essential” school components for the turnaround principal’s focus and action as keys to sustained success for the benefit of all students. This briefing paper addresses the essential competencies and actions of the turnaround principal.