Beyond Adoption—Implementing Rigorous College- and Career-Readiness Standards: Southeast Comprehensive Center Briefing Paper, December 2011

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Authors: Camille Chapman, Ramona Chauvin, Concepcion Molina, Kathleen Theodore, Chris Times, Sally Wade

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• Published: 2011    • 12 pages   

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Preparing our future citizens for postsecondary education and careers that span a continuum of sophistication is not a new topic in education. However, rapid changes in technology and increased competition from industrialized nations have changed the landscape and meaning of college and career readiness. As part of a strategy to better prepare students, 31 states have implemented college- and career-readiness standards (CCRS), with 20 states also requiring that students complete high school graduation requirements that will make them college and career ready. This briefing paper provides details on the meaning of college- and career-readiness standards, effective implementation of these standards, next steps in the implementation process, and progress being made by state departments of education in the Southeast toward this crucial goal.