Southeast Comprehensive Center eBulletin, Volume 3, Number 3: Final Report of National Mathematics Advisory Panel

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Author: Southeast Comprehensive Center at SEDL

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• Published: 2009    • 6 pages   

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Student effort matters! This is just one of the findings of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel in its 2008 report titled Foundations for Success—The Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. This 120-page report, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education (ED), addresses one central question: How can schools in the United States improve mathematics curriculum, instruction, assessment, teacher training and support so that all American students learn mathematics so that they can compete with students from other nations?

In the report, the advisory panel discusses 45 findings and recommendations on key topics, such as instructional practices, materials, professional development, and assessments. The authors stress the importance of knowledgeable teachers, effective instruction, effective assessment, and the need for rigorous research in mathematics education.