A Special Place (An environmental education film about the San Antonio River)

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Author: SEDL

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• Published: 1977    • Runtime: 55:18 minutes   

Available online: multimedia

A Special Place traces the history of the interaction between the natural and the man-made elements in the San Antonio River setting. The production explores the story of the river in the life of the city and the lives of its citizens. The San Antonio River laces through the center of San Antonio, TX, providing a green corridor through the city. A priceless environmental asset, this spring-fed stream comes to life in the northern part of the city, winds its way through downtown, proceeds south by the old Spanish missions, then leaves the city to continue its journey to the Gulf of Mexico.  The story of the river is intertwined with that of the city whose name it shares.  In fact, the river is the reason for the city's existence. By examining this history and functioning of this river and the city built around it, it is possible to gain insights into some of the issues that confront American cities today.