Rapid Response: Response to Intervention Practices

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Authors: Leslie Blair, Darlene Brown, Erin McCann, Ada Muoneke, Chris Times

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• Published: 2008    • 9 pages   

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This resource was developed in response to a request from a state department of education served by the Southeast Comprehensive Center. The department requested the following information about Response to Intervention practices:
  1. For Tiers II and III respectively, what does scientifically based research indicate about pupil/teacher ratios for optimal or maximum small group instruction? Do small group size numbers change with grade levels (e.g., 4th grade, middle school, high school)?
  2. What does the research indicate about intervention effectiveness beyond implementation fidelity—group size, minutes per day, and days per week?
In response to this request, the Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) used various Web search engines to locate information on these topics. Due to time constraints for this request, SECC has provided a brief summary of research findings as well as resources for each topic. Upon request, SECC will provide detailed information concerning the research-based data on these topics.