Cognitive Foundations of Learning to Read: A Framework

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Authors: Sebastian Wren, Brian Litke (programmer), Deborah Jinkins, Susan Paynter, Jennifer Watts, Iliana Alanis

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• Published: 2000    • 52 pages   

Available online: Full text, PDF

The Cognitive Foundations of Learning to Read: A Framework provides a concise and very understandable summary of the research findings related to how children learn to read. A graphical representation of the framework is provided to help teachers to become familiar with the cognitive elements that research has shown to be essential in learning to read and to help teachers visualize how the elements fit together in the "big picture" of reading acquisition. The framework helps teachers to understand what is involved in learning to read so they can better understand what individual children's learning needs are. The framework is presented in two formats — there is an online version and a PDF version.

To complement SEDL's Cognitive Foundations of Learning to Read: A Framework, SEDL has created a portfolio system called the Literacy Profile Folder to help teachers track individual student data in the areas outlined in the framework of reading acquisition. This portfolio is unique only in that it is aligned with SEDL's cognitive framework of reading acquisition. Teachers who are familiar with the cognitive domains outlined in the framework and who consider these domains when assessing beginning readers will find this portfolio very useful for tracking assessment data over time and organizing assessment information that can be used to inform instruction.