Reading First Notebook: The Newsletter for the Reading First Program

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Author: Stacey Joyner (editor)

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• Published: 2005    • 4 pages   

Available online: PDF

Teachers, leaders, school systems, and policymakers involved with Reading First need focused information to assist them in the implementation of their Reading First grants. The Reading First Notebook is the place to find that specialized information. Themed issues will contain pertinent articles and information that address special issues such as assessment, professional development, and instruction for special population students along with links to new resources, articles, and Web sites.

The Reading First Notebook was published on a quarterly basis from 2004-2006. It is available to download in PDF format so that you can print and share it with teachers and leaders in your school system. We welcome your comments and suggestions related to the Reading First Notebook. Please send them to Stacey Joyner at

Reading First Notebook Issues: