Reading Assessment Database for Grades PreK–3

Authors: Sebastian Wren, Brian Litke (programmer)

Price: Available free online
• Published: 2006   

Available online: Searchable Database

Teachers depend on assessment tools for determining the reading abilities of students in their classrooms, and administrators depend on assessment tools for making decisions about literacy education from the school level to the regional level. Recent state and federal initiatives requiring early reading instruction and intervention are further driving the need for comprehensive and accurate information about reading assessment tools - especially those tools that are appropriate to administer to young children before the second grade.

This database describes in detail all available early reading assessment tools that are published and distributed in the SEDL region. It is intended to provide valuable information about all of the options available to teachers and administrators who are seeking reliable reading assessment tools for children in grades preK-3.

Using the Information

Using this database, educators and administrators will be able to select reading assessment tools that are most appropriate for the needs of their students. They will be able to select the most affordable assessment tool, and they will instantly have information about the reliability and validity of the assessment. Further, because different reading tests assess different facets of reading at different stages of development, teachers and administrators will be able to select tests that complement each other, and which, when combined, provide a complete picture of the reading instruction needs of any student.