REL 2004 Policy Forum - Closing the Achievement Gap: School Resources and Beyond

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Author: SEDL

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• Published: 2004   

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From 2001-2005, SEDL invited a regional network of education policymakers and influencers to an annual policy forum. These policymakers come from state departments of education, legislative committees, and governor's offices in the five states in the region: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The participants exchanged information on topics of common interest, and also heard about the latest developments in research, policy, and practice from national experts on the topics featured.

The Policy Forums held during SEDL’s 2001-2005 Regional Educational Laboratory contract with the U.S. Department of Education focused on the topics of school finance, instructional spending, teacher quality, and student achievement.

This forum was help on September 27-28, 2004 in Austin, TX.