Connecting Kids to Mathematics and Science

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Authors: Haidee Williams, Concepcion Molina, Danny Martinez, Victoria Dimock, Joni Wackwitz (editor), Laura Shankland (editor), Shaila Abdullah (designer)

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• Published: 2012   

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The Connecting Kids to Mathematics and Science professional development course is designed to provide teachers in grades 4–8 with hands-on experience in integrating mathematics, science, and technology in the classroom. The course guides teachers through developing and implementing problem-based lessons that connect math and science and employ technology to promote student learning. The Connecting Kids course materials include session guides, slide presentations, and handouts. The materials are designed for use by an experienced trainer or facilitator. The nine-session course is designed for classes of up to 25 teachers.

Session 1: How Old Is Old?
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • The BSCS 5Es Instructional Model

Session 2: What Cat Is That?
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Prehistoric Cat Activity
  • Prehistoric Cat Solution
  • Knowledge Package: Proportional Reasoning
  • Proportional Reasoning: Fundamental Big Ideas
  • The Meaning of a Fraction Such as 3/4
  • Interpreting the Symbolism
  • A Closer Look at Multiplication
  • Proportional Reasoning Prerequisite Knowledge Cutouts
  • Ancient Cats in Central Texas?
  • What Cat Is That? PowerPoint

Session 3: Telling the Story
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Sessions 1 & 2 Review
  • Guidelines for Outdoor Learning Experiences
  • Video Story Project
  • Story Project Example
  • Student Example: Planting a Garden PowerPoint

Session 4: Evaluating Web-Based Resources
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Internet Resources on Weed Control
  • Education Website Evaluation Questions
  • Education Website Evaluation Form
  • Internet Resources Evaluation Task
  • Internet Resources to Be Evaluated

Session 5: Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Rubric for a Neighborhood Project
  • Rubric Development Process
  • A Classroom Environment to Support Integrated Problem-Based Activities
  • Generic Rubric
  • Using Online Simulations
  • Analysis With Idea Mapping
  • Quick Guide for Diagramly
  • Testing Scenarios Using Spreadsheets
  • Quick Guide for Google Docs Spreadsheets
  • Goal Setting Tool

Session 6: Collaboration Tools
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Collaboration Tools

Session 7: Collaborative Tools In Action
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Creating a Blog
  • Garden Experiment Blog
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Classroom Implementation
  • Instructional Unit Plan

Session 8: Community Resources and Engagement
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Utilizing Community Resources
  • Discovering Community Resources
  • Group Resource List
  • Planning for Community Engagement

Session 9: Putting It All Together
Handouts and PowerPoint Slides

  • Key Topics Review
  • Integrated Unit Presentations
  • Google Groups

Connecting Kids to Mathematics and Science was made possible through the generous support of Educational Foundation of America, KDK-Harman Foundation, and RGK Foundation.