SEDL Insights, Vol. 1, No. 1: Leadership Actions for Transforming Schools

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Authors: Sylvia Segura Pirtle, Don Doggett

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• Published: 2013    • 6 pages   

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Effective leadership is a crucial part of school improvement. Yet leaders at schools in the process of transformation often struggle with how to best guide their staff and students to better outcomes. Our experiences serving as turnaround principals in Texas and South Carolina and then working with underperforming schools while at SEDL have revealed insights on the core actions that leaders take in successfully leading school transformations. These actions can create the conditions needed to shape a school culture where teaching and learning can improve. Although these insights are written for people who often lead school turnaround efforts—principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders—other stakeholders involved in school improvement may also find them instructive.

SEDL Insights on Effective Leadership Actions for Transforming Schools

  1. Establish and pursue a vision of your preferred future.
  2. Increase organizational coherence.
  3. Provide clear communication.
  4. Monitor and review progress.
  5. Provide resources and support.
  6. Increase leaders’ presence throughout schools and in the community.