Supporting High-Quality Rural Education

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Authors: Southeast Comprehensive Center at SEDL, Texas Comprehensive Center at SEDL, Chuck Benigno, Shelley Billig, Lucy Johnson

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• Published: 2014   

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The Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) and the Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC) at SEDL are hosting the Regional Institute, Supporting High-Quality Rural Education, at the Embassy Suites Austin - Central Hotel in Austin, Texas, on November 5–7, 2014. This Institute is by invitation only for educators at state-level agencies and organizations who are engaged in efforts to support rural education.

The purpose of this Institute is to provide the opportunity for state educators working in rural education to network with their counterparts from other states, engage in conversations with experts in the field, and meet with nationally recognized educators and researchers on critical topics related to this work that were identified by participating states.