FOCUS - Technical Brief Number 35: Modeling Technology Innovation: Combining Science, Engineering, and Industry Methods to Achieve Beneficial Socioeconomic Impacts Systematically and Deliberately

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Author: Vathsala I. Stone and Joseph P. Lane, Center on KT4TT, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

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• Published: 2012    • 9 pages   

Available online: Full text, PDF

This FOCUS Technical Brief summarizes a paper recently published in the open-access journal Implementation Science. The full paper presents a conceptual framework that integrates all three knowledge-generating methods—scientific research (R), engineering development (D), and industry production (P)—into a logic model format, which is useful for planning, obtaining, and measuring the intended beneficial impacts by implementing knowledge in practice.

Suggested Citation:

    Stone, V. I., & Lane, J. P. (2012). Modeling technology innovation: Combining science, engineering, and industry methods to achieve beneficial socioeconomic impacts systematically and deliberately. FOCUS Technical Brief(35). Austin, TX: SEDL, Disability Research to Practice Program.