Reading First Awards Database


About Reading First

Reading First is an ambitious national initiative to help every young child in every state become a successful reader. This effort is based on high expectations for what can and should happen for all students: that instructional decisions will be guided by the best available research.

Reading First provides assistance to state and local education agencies to apply scientifically based reading research—and the proven instructional and assessment tools consistent with this research—to improve reading instruction for K-3 students and to ensure that all children learn to read well by the end of third grade.

About the Reading First Awards Database

In 2003, the Department of Education awarded SEDL a contract to construct a searchable online database of districts and schools receiving Reading First funds. The database provides demographic and award information for school districts awarded Reading First grants and the individual schools funded within each district. SEDL maintained the Reading First Awards Database from 2003 through June 2007. The database was removed from the SEDL site in November 2009.

SEDL no longer maintains the Reading First Awards Database

Data was last updated in June 2007. For any questions about the database please contact Maria Worthen ( at the US Department of Education.

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