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A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement

Table of Contents: A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement

Click here to download the entire toolkit in PDF format, all tools in PDF format, or all tools in MS Word format. You can also download PDF files for the tools separately by section using the links in the table of contents below.

Section 1:

Overview of the Toolkit1

Section 2: (Download all Section 2 tools: PDF or MS Word)

Overview of Applicable Requirements-Legislation, Title I, Part A Regulations, Non-Regulatory Policy Guidance 7
  Tool 2.1: A Comparison of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Public Law 0101 (P.L.0101) Parental Involvement Requirements 13
Tool 2.2: A Parental Involvement Checklist for District and School Administrators 16
Tool 2.3: Timeline for Title I, Part A Programs 20

Section 3: (Download all Section 3 tools: PDF or MS Word)

States Responsibilities 27
Tool 3.1: State Parental Involvement Plan 33
Tool 3.2: SEA Action Plan 36
Tool 3.3: SEA Action Plan Implementation Checklist 38
Tool 3.4: SEA Compliance Monitoring Checklist for LEAs 40
Tool 3.5: SEA Compliance Monitoring Checklist for LEAs 45
Tool 3.6: Template for LEA School Improvement 53

Section 4: (Download all Section 4 tools: PDF or MS Word)

LEA Responsibilities 59
Tool 4.1: Template for LEA Parental Involvement Policy 73
Tool 4.2: Parental Involvement Policy Sample 78
Tool 4.3: Policy Development Checklist 81
Tool 4.4: Action Planning—Building Systemic Support for Parental Involvement 83
Tool 4.5: Evaluating Effectiveness—Building Systemic Support for Parental Involvement 89
Tool 4.6: Letter—Parents' Right to Know: Qualified Teacher/Paraprofessional 94
Tool 4.7: Letter—Parents' Right to Know: Unqualified Teacher/Paraprofessional 96
Tool 4.8: LEA Procedures—AYP Parental Notification Letter 98
Tool 4.9: Disseminating Annual Local Education Agency Report Card 102
Tool 4.10: ELL Parent Notification Letter 104
Tool 4.11: AYP Parent Notification Letter 106
Tool 4.12: Supplemental Educational Services Parent Notification Letter 110
Tool 4.13: Parent Complaint Documentation 115

Section 5: (Download all Section 5 tools: PDF or MS Word)

School Responsibilities 119
Tool 5.1: Policy and Plan Activity Checklist 127
Tool 5.2: Elementary School Policy, Descriptive Style 131
Tool 5.3: Elementary School Plan, Bulleted Style 133
Tool 5.4: Secondary School-Student-Family Compact 137
Tool 5.5: Data Collection Tool Regarding Parental Involvement 140
Tool 5.6: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Parental Involvement Survey
(Click here for a PDF of the Spanish version of tool 5.6)

Section 6: (Download all Section 6 tools: PDF or MS Word)

LEA and School Responsibilities to Build Capacity 153
Tool 6.1: Parent-Friendly Information on Content Standards
(Click here for a PDF of the Spanish version of tool 6.1)
Tool 6.2: Explanation for School Report Cards 161
Tool 6.3: Explanation of State Accountability System 165
Tool 6.4: Parent Action Resource 172
Tool 6.5: Building Collaborative Partnerships Resource 173



Appendix A:

Sources for Tools 183

Appendix B:

Other Resources 195

This toolkit is in the public domain. Authorization to reproduce it in whole or in part is granted. While permission to reprint this publication is not necessary, the citation should be as follows: Ferguson, C. (2009). A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement. Austin, TX: SEDL.

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