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Measurement: Cooking
Subject: Math
Grade span: K to 2
Duration: 1 hour
This lesson was excerpted from the Afterschool Training Toolkit under the promising practice: Finding Math


This sample lesson is one example of how you can implement the Finding Math practice. In this activity, students use measuring cups to compare and estimate volume as they make a healthy snack.

Learning Goals:



What to Do:

Teaching Tips:

  • If students haven't used measuring cups or learned about volume and measurement, you may want to begin by reviewing each measuring cup, how many halves, thirds, and quarters make a whole, and answer any questions that students have.
  • If time allows, ask students to describe their process. What did they do first? What did they do second? You might number the process on the board, and as an extension activity, ask students to write a "how-to" piece. Younger students can draw pictures.

Evaluate (Outcomes to look for):

Much of the assessment for this lesson comes from listening to and watching the children. Listen for use of vocabulary, facility with ordering measuring cups, understanding of conservation of matter, and estimation skills and strategies.

Click this link to see additional learning goals, grade-level benchmarks, and standards covered in this lesson.

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