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Digital Storytelling
Subject: Technology
Grade span: 1 to 12
Duration: Several sessions
This lesson was excerpted from the Afterschool Training Toolkit under the promising practice: Developing Self-Expression And Creativity
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In this lesson, students create original stories that include text, drawings, photos, animation, audio, and video. They use technology tools, such as digital cameras and computers, to bring their stories to life. Story ideas can come from personal and family experiences, connections to other cultures, and real or imaginary people, places, or events.

Learning Goals:



Instructors should determine students' computer skills level and select appropriate technology tools. Instructors also should have familiarity with multimedia software applications and equipment, or enlist help of a volunteer who does.

What to Do:

Introduce students to digital storytelling Explore some story ideas Draft a story (on paper) based on the chosen idea Introduce students to storyboarding

Working from a single computer with projection to create the group story would be greatly enhanced by use of an interactive whiteboard. See the Teaching Tip.

Help students prepare their final draft View the group's story, then have students share their project with other students, teachers, and their parents Explain the value of collaboration in creating a digital story Compare the two types of storytelling

Evaluate (Outcomes to look for):

Find and download a rubric for students to use to evaluate their projects. One collection of rubrics for evaluation of multimedia projects may be found on the MidLink Magazine Teacher Tools Web site.

Click this link to see additional learning goals, grade-level benchmarks, and standards covered in this lesson.

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