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The Monarch Butterfly Watch
Subject: Technology
Grade span: 2 to 12
Duration: Several 45 to 60 minute sessions. May extend over several weeks.
This lesson was excerpted from the Afterschool Training Toolkit under the promising practice: Gathering and Sharing Information


In this lesson, students from across North America participate in an Internet activity on butterfly migrations through the Journey North Web site. By collecting, sharing and analyzing data, students will understand connections between natural and man-made phenomena and make comparisons across populations of other migrating animals. The activity promotes collaborative learning and integrates content and skills from several academic areas including science, literacy and math.

Learning Goals:

(will vary by grade level)



Instructors should determine students' computer and Internet skill levels and select appropriate technology tools. Instructors should also have basic computer skills, including familiarity with the Internet and e-mail.

What to Do:

Engage students with a dynamic introduction to the project topic that solicits their immediate feedback. Explore connections between natural and man-made phenomena as a class. Explain project findings.

Evaluate (Outcomes to look for):

Click this link to see additional learning goals, grade-level benchmarks, and standards covered in this lesson.

Learn More:

Encourage students to make connections with scientists, naturalists, or others in the community who may be involved with similar work, during the course of the lesson. You may facilitate dialogue by inviting an expert to the classroom or arranging a question-and-answer session using e-mail or the Internet.
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